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The story about Butterflyfish fits perfectly to our Valentine‚Äôs issue. Adults spices usually live in regular pairs for many years or even for the whole life!

Yellow-spotted Burrfish (Cyclichthys spilostylis)

Is also known as Burrfish, Spiny Boxfish, Blowfish, Balloonfish, Globefish, Swelltoads, Hedgehog Fishes, Birdbeak Burrfish, Spotbase Burrfish belonging to the family Diondontidae (means double teeth) Found singly in sheltered lagoons, coral and rocky reefs often in sea grass beds rests during the day andout at night feeding. As an adult, it reaches a length of 34 cm. 

Reaching widths of nearly 11 feet (over 3 m), the spotted eagle ray is one of the largest Eagle Rays, with only the mantas growing bigger. Spotted Eagle Rays, like all eagle rays, are active swimmers and do not lie motionless on the seafloor.

Hurghada becomes richer in marine life! Perhaps due to a significant reduction in the load on the marine ecosystem because of reduced tourism the Red Sea is recovering.

It seems impossible not to love Opistoteuthis adorabilis -- the majestic creature floats through the depths of the ocean with ease, and its huge puppy-dog eyes will warm even the coldest of hearts. Sometimes you just have to give credit where credit is due - this teeny octopus is so ...

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