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Kitemania 2021 Dahab

Booooom! Kitemania! 125,000 EGP CASH PRIZE!

Riders from abroad and all over Egypt participated in DAHAB KITEMANIA. Athletes from Russia, Ukraine, El Gouna, Hurghada, Safaga, Sharm El Sheikh, Dahab and other locations in Egypt took part in the competition.

We’ve witnessed the most extreme levels of performance kitesurfing ever seen in Egypt. The second edition of KITEMANIA kicked off 4th of March at the beautiful windy Dahab. More than 50 riders signed up for the event in 4 different disciplines (Men Expert, Men Advanced, Women and Under 16). Conditions at Dahab’s Baby Bay delivered insane action with hardcore pumping winds going up to 30 knots. Riders were absolutely on fire, giving an incredible show for the crowd.

Sarah Sadek has stood out from the rest of the girls at DAHAB KITEMANIA, boosting jumps higher than many male riders. She easily claimed 1st place and put a new standard to the women's Big Air discipline.

Kitemania finally has launched the Under 16 Big Air discipline for the first time in Egypt. What a show it was. The 12 year old Ahmed Abo Eid won the 1st place on the podium with an unbelievable exciting performance.

Loved by all the crowds and labeled Dahab friendliest kitesurfer, Awda Eid has proudly secured the 1st place on Dahab Kitemania’s Men Advanced discipline podium. Awda has pushed his level to new heights during the last year, adding some new extreme tricks that made him stand out from the rest of the riders.

It’s without a doubt that Abdo Eid has raised the bar of the Big Air kitesurfing in Egypt and dominated Kitemania’s 1st place on the podium in the last two events. Growing up on the windy beaches of Dahab, watching his iconic older brothers Hameed Abo Eid and Mohamed Eid he had no other options, but to follow the roots and become the best Big Air kitesurfer in the region at the moment. Congratulations Abdo and keep ripping!!!

Could we ask for more??? We don‘t think so!!! KITEMANIA can be proud to have executed such an event in such a spot! The city of beauty and magic gave us quite an amazing experience!! Conditions were spot on, the crowd was magnificent, the riders were insane and there were so many partners backing them up! Cheers to an amazing year of KITEMANIA! See you at the next stop... stay tuned!
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