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A father once tried to teach his son the effect of mean and hurtful words. He had a new wooden fence in his back yard. He gave his son a hammer and some nails. He told him, every time you say something mean; I want you to hammer this nail in the wood. Whenever you say something kind,

“You’re not my friend!” are 4 words that can break the heart of a typical 4 year old child. How often has your preschool aged child come home crying because “no one” wants to be their friend? How often have they complained about another child “hitting or beating” them? These are some of the many social pressures a kindergartner can face.

So you’re an expecting mom of a 4 year old child, and you’ve heard horror stories about sibling jealousy. You’re hoping and praying that your child will not be one of them. So you’re taking

Each year I’m discovering more and more parents pushing their children to begin KG1 before the developmental age of 4 years old. I’ve had parents attempt to place children who have recently turned 3 into Kg1.

Several parents who have children learning English consistently inquire about their children learning to speak a particular country’s accent. Many non-native English speakers can distinguish between