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 941 Kitesurfing Top1
The ESWF (Egyptian Saling and Water Ski Federation) organized a Racing Clinic on the 25th & 26th of May, followed by the Egyptian Kitesurfing Nationals.These were pioneering steps towards the way into Paris 2024 Olympic! And partying all night long !!
Youri Zoon (@yourizoon), 2 x world champion judged the Egyptian Kitesurfing Nationals this year! Right after the finals, he went for a quick session giving everyone a spectacular show.
In case you missed it, here is the recap of the Kitesurfing Nationals on CairoWest!
Congrats to all the riders who made it to the finals and thrilled everyone with their spectacular performance.
Men’s freestyle
Omar Modrek (Gold)
Ahmed Mohamed (Silver)
Mohamed Modrek (Bronze)
Under 16 Freestyle
Ahmed Eid (Gold)
Aly Badawi (Silver)
Abdulla Mohamed (Bronze)
Mohamed Diab (Gold)
Yasser Buwdein (Silver)
Sarah Sadek (Bronze)
Foil Racing
Ahmed Talaat (Gold)
Ashraf Luxor (Silver)
Ahmed Shaker (Bronze)
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