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STAY SAFE! USE THE OZONE FOOD PURIFIER! Whenever buying vegetables or fruits, for example apples, the consumer tends to touch around five other apples before actually buying one. The ozone food purifier has the ability to disinfect food from pesticides, bacteria, viruses and other microorganisms.

In a way to make children and youth reading, the competitions of the newly-launched National Reading Program (NRP) by the Ministry of Education opened for students and teachers nationwide.

6 марта в Хургаде прошел грандиозный праздничный концерт, посвященный Международному женскому дню 8 марта и Дню матери. Мероприятие было организованно Представительством Россотрудничества в АРЕ совместно с газетой "МК" в Египте" и прошло на сцене культурного центра CC Red Sea.

The Ministry of environment, in cooperation with the Arab office for youth and environment, launched the celebration of National Environment Day on January 27 every year from 2020 to emphasize the role of civil society to highlight its efforts in environmental conservation and development.

A beach cleanup was carried out in the Al Ahyaa District of Hurghada on Monday February 10, 2020 with thanks to Friend of Rotary Club El Gouna, Carol King, who arranged everything with Waleed Ramadan of the Ministry of Environment's National Parks of Egypt and HEPCA.