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Do you know how dolphins sleep?

Dolphins sleep while swimming. During their nap half of the brain is asleep and only one eye is closed ...

This family was appropriately named after the brilliant colors of its members and the fused, plate-like teeth that form a beak-like structure. These features yield a distinct parrot-like appearance. Parrotfish are elongated, spindle shaped fish with large ...


Hurghada is well known for its white sand beaches and picture-perfect coral reefs, but it’s also home to a little-known science institute that documents the history of the Red Sea’s underwater secrets. The first of its kind in the Middle East, and the only one for 30 years, the marine biology station is composed of a ...


Striated Sea Cucumber (Bohadschia graffei) 

The back of this cucumber is covered with nipples and has a characteristic pattern of point and short streaks. It feeds by encrusting organisms with its shield-shaped black tentacles.

Tubercle Sea Cucumber (Stichopus monotuberculatus) 

Seahorses and pipefishes live in the sea grass on the ocean floor. Although their anatomy is similar, the two species are very different in appearance. The pipefish has an elongated tubular body while the seahorse has a famously equine head and a characteristic manner of propelling itself upright through the water.

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