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The frogfish's scientific name is Antennariide. Frogfish are a favorite of scuba divers all over the world and we’re fortunate enough to have them in the Red Sea. These weird little creatures with a face only a mother could love have many strange adaptations that make it an incredibly efficient predator and some that make it just plain comical.

 Hello dive freaks,
I am Anneke van der Werff from Holland and a professional diver. Because I have a muscle disease, I have to use my wheelchair every day. I dive for many years with my friends from "Frogman Divers" in Hurghada Egypt. July 2019 I did my cave diving course in France. It is my intention to tell people with and without disabilities about the beauty of diving.

Bullet Speedboats is a boat rental company established in 2010 and located in Hurghada, Red Sea. It is specialized in private speedboat tours. Their sea tours are designed with quality and diversity. Each private tour is tailor-made to suit your interests, ensuring an unforgettable experience every time. Different programs for your choice include: Dolphin Spotting, Orange Bay, Sunset Tour, and Three Islands.

Fang (pictured) is a street cat. Fang is shy, but streetwise, she is also a mother several times over. Her life was hard and she was emaciated and worn out by motherhood. But, now, thanks to Bluemoon Animal Center Hurghada, no more babies for Fang.

The renowned Swiss diving tour operator WeDive Travel AG ranked Red Sea Diving Safari in the 10 most exciting budget diving accommodations worldwide.