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Primadent - Dr. Ahmed Ali HassanSponsored
+2 065 3447890
+2 0114 5514733 +2 0122 7328527
36, Sheraton Road 1st Floor, opposite Bella Vista Hotel

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Primadent – Your perfect smile is waiting for you!

Primadent Hurghada provides complete Dental Treatment solutions for tourists & residents. The dental clinic offers the highest standards of services, most modern equipment and professional quality and care by Dr. Ali Hassan, who keeps up the good family tradition and comprehensive knowledge in dentistry. Besides Hurghada, he also operates a dental clinic in Cairo.

Call today for a smile makeover special offer: 0122 7328527 & 01145514733

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Special Offer of Primadent: Teeth Whitening

Primadent teeth whitening

Special offer on Teeth Whitening from 250 Euros down to 149 Euros including complete dental check up and professional cleaning.


Special Offer of Primadent: Dental Implants

Dental Implants
For each six implants you get an extra implant for free.

Special Offer of Primadent: Smile Makeover

Smile Makeover
Contact us today for our Smile Makeover special offer

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