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Scorpodra DJ & ProducerSponsored
+20 1229300545 (WhatsApp)
Villa 7009, Touristic Center Hurghada

Scorpodra DJ & Producer

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As an Austrian/Russian DJ and Producer who grew up on the Red Sea, Scorpodra has a unique style, which is reflective of the multiple cultures that have influenced him. This can be heard in his new single Ayour, which has been signed by Cafe De Anatolia, one of the leading Record Labels producing the highest quality of Chill Out, Ethno, and Deep House recordings.
By winning an international competition with his remix of the song "We Know" by Paul & Panchez, he certainly has what it takes to stand out from other DJ's in the industry.
Born in Hurghada, Egypt in year 2000 he is now surfing the waves of an international Student’s life. Currently studying at St. Lawrence University, Canton, New York, he concentrates in developing his skills in music production, languages and communication.
In Summer 2018 SCORPODRA and the management of Steigenberger established "Nikita Night" at Elements Club Hurghada. The young El Gouna and Hurghada crowd loved the 5 nights with Scorpodra at Elements.
During summer 2019 SCORPODRA again heated up the nights with his performances at famous Pool Clubs "DuPort" & "Golden Shell" in El Gouna and "Elements Club" & "Papas Club" in Hurghada.

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SCORPODRA's Releases:

24 November 2019: Release of "AYOUR", by producer Scorpodra. 


28 September 2018: Release of "Nightriding", the latest Hip-hop song by producer Scorpodra and Canadian rapper T-Money From The 5. 

22 December 2017: Release of "2 Hot", Hip-hop song by producer Scorpodra and Canadian rapper T-Money From The 5. "2 Hot" brings a new style into the Hip-hop scene.


Current location of Scorpodra in the USA:

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